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Agency Leadership Program


​​​One of the biggest challenges our agencies face is training the next generation of agency managers.

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This program is uniquely designed to offer a structure that will ensure that your future managers will achieve results and develop their leadership skills.
Candidate Selection
This program is exclusively for individuals who demonstrate the following:
  • In a Career Path to a Leadership/Management Role
  • Results Oriented
  • Willing to be Coached
  • Willing to Create Goals
  • Have the Ability to Commit Time
  • Have the support of their agencies to commit to this endeavor 
The Agency Leadership Program will address three critical opportunity areas and your candidate will attain the following skills:
Current Leadership Development
·        Build on current leadership skills to grow your business
·        Enhance the development, growth and accountability of your organization in its entirety
·        Promote collaboration throughout your organization, and break through internal barriers.
Recruiting, Hiring and Developing Team
·        Use of on-line media curriculum with one-on-one performance coaching for the candidate.
·        Understanding of personality assessments and baselines for interviewing and hiring of specific positions.
·        Templates for recruiting and hiring to be used in organization.
·        Successful communication techniques to develop an environment of personal responsibility and accountability.
Growing Your Agency
·        How to intentionally cultivate and increase your business.
·        It’s all in the details; creating metrics to know where you are now and build a plan for where you want to be.
·        Understanding the need and all of the variables for strategic planning.
·        Identifying peak performers and how to build on their strengths and mitigate weaknesses.


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