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All Access - Property & Casualty Lines


Total Access CE - Property & Casualty lets you take all the online CE courses you want for one price. It offers the most economical way to satisfy your property and casualty CE requirements in New Mexico with courses that are easy to navigate and written by industry experts.


The library includes:


·        365 days of unlimited access
·        Immediate results with instant exam scoring
·        Unlimited exam retakes
·        Interactive CE tracking system
·        Printable certificate
·        CE submission to one state

Access Property & Casualty Lines of Insurance CE     ...   $39 

OrderHere_Button.jpgHow this works:

Step 1: Click order to purchase the CE Access Pass

Step 2: Check your email for your online access information (the email will come from Kaplan Financial Education) Please note, the four-month access time begins at the time of purchase. Also, access to this online product will become available as soon as we receive the order and set up your account with Kaplan. During business hours, this can be within the hour of purchase, or if your order is placed outside of business hours, it will be available the next business day.

Step 3: Log in to the CE Portal by clicking login now on the email

Step 4: Click "Access Your Courses"

Step 5: Click the green arrow to view and select the courses and hours you wish to take. 

**Please note, 3 hours of your continuing education must be taken with a live instructor**





Courses include:

Anti-Money Laundering:

Anti-Money Laundering Frequently Asked Questions  |  (Ethics – 1hr)
Anti-Money Laundering: Suspicious Activities and SARs  |  (General – 1hr)


Flood Insurance [ClearCert approved]  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 3hrs)

Claims – Adjuster:

Interpreting Medical Reports  |  (Adjuster/General – 6hrs)

Claims - General CE Credit:

Auto Physical Damage Basics  |  (General – 5hrs)
Claim Basics  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 2hrs)
Claim Evaluation and Settlement  |  (Property/Casualty – 4hrs)
Claim Investigation  |  (General – 5hrs)
Claim Statements  |  (General – 3hrs)
Interpreting Medical Reports  |  (Adjuster/General – 6hrs)
Medical Tests and Signs  |  (General – 4hrs)
Negotiation Skills  |  (General – 4hrs)
Residential Construction Basics  |  (Property/Casualty – 4hrs)

Ethics – Not for Ethics Credit:

Ethical Practices  |  (Life/Health/Variable with Ethics – 4hrs)

Ethics – Approved for INS Ethics Only:

AML Best Practices for the Life Insurance Industry  |  (Either with Ethics – 2hrs)
Anti-Money Laundering Training for Insurance Professionals  |  (Ethics – 2hrs)
Ethical Insurance Producer  |  (Ethics – 1hr)
Ethics at Work  |  (Ethics – 2hrs)
Ethics for Property and Casualty Professionals  |  (Ethics – 3hrs)
Ethics  |  (Ethics – 3hrs)
Financial Exploitation of Seniors. Why Insurance Agents Should Care  |  (Ethics – 2hrs)
Insurance Ethics and Consumer Protection  |  (Ethics – 1hr)
Legal Concepts and Doctrines  |  (Ethics – 3hrs)

Property & Casualty:

Business Insurance Coverages  |  (Property/Casualty – 6hrs)
Commercial Auto Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 12hrs)
Commercial Auto Rating  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 6hrs)
Commercial Crime Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Commercial General Liability Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 4hrs)
Commercial General Liability Rating  |  (Property/Casualty – 4hrs)
Commercial Inland Marine Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty – 9hrs)
Commercial Property Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 11hrs)
Commercial Property Rating  |  (Property/Casualty – 4hrs)
Cyber Risk Insurance  |  (General – 2hrs)
Dwelling Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 4hrs)
Green Insurance Coverage Options  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 3hrs)
Homeowners Insurance Coverage  |  (General – 6hrs)
Homeowners Liability Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 2hrs)
Insurance Fraud Awareness  |  (General – 6hrs)
Insurance Packages for Small Businesses  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 7hrs)
Personal Auto Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Personal Auto Rating  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 4hrs)
Personal Inland Marine and Watercraft Coverages  |  (General – 3hrs)
Personal Lines Endorsements  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 4hrs)
Product Liability Insurance  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 2hrs)
Professional Liability Insurance  |  (General – 4hrs)
Property and Casualty Principles  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Property-Casualty Concepts  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 13hrs)
Reinsurance Basics  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Risk Management  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 3hrs)
Umbrella Liability Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 6hrs)
Underwriting Basics  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Underwriting Practices  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 4hrs)
Workers Compensation Coverage  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 5hrs)
Workers Compensation Rating  |  (Property/Casualty/Vehicle – 3hrs)

Repeating a CE Course?
Some courses may not be repeated within the same licensing period. See NM Continuing Ed FAQs  for more details.

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