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How to Apply



Step 1

The Office of Superintendent has hired Prometric to administer all insurance testing in the state of New Mexico. These are the steps you must complete in order to obtain your insurance license:

Click here to create an account.​

Once your account has been created, click here​ to:

  • Review Exam Content Outlines
  • Check appointment availability​
  • Schedule or Register for an examination
  • Cancel or Reschedule an examination​
  • Download the License Information Handbook

Step 2

Once you have passed your exam:

You will need to complete a background and fingerprint check. Click here to register​​​.
  • Click “Register Online for a Background Check”
  • Next to the field “ORI”, click on the "ORI Lookup" button on the right.
    • A new window will pop up. At the top, in the "Agency Name" field, type the word, "Office". Click the "Search" button. 
    • It should find one line item. Either double click the "NM920210Z", or click it once, then at the bottom of the window click "Select".
    • This should populate the fields, "ORI and Reason" on the application.
  • Complete the rest of the application.
  • Submit the form, apply payment of $44, and print two copies of the “Fingerprint Submission Receipt”
  • Take the submission receipt and your ID to a fingerprint location. (No appointment necessary)
*Results of your background check will automatically be submitted to the processing center.


Step 3

Once you have passed your test and completed your fingerprint/background check, visit 
and click on "Apply for a License" and follow the prompts.​

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